Green City

IMG_1700We have recently taken part in the collaborative EU experiment called OrganiCity. The aim is to co-create smartcities of the future and create meaningful solutions from the available data. As part of this experiment, we rum13, in collaboration with Åte VR and Mejlgade lab, created the experiment “The City as a 1:1 Green Laboratory” and developed the VR projection system “Green City“. Green City is a VR city planning application allowing the citizens of Nørre Stenbro, Aarhus, to engage in the process of creating better sustainable solutions in their neighbourhood. Green City consist of two elements, the VR city environment and a physical model of Nørre Stenbro. The VR city environment is a way for citizens to make changes to their neighbourhood in real-time. When entering the virtual environment, the user can explore and modify any part of Nørre Stenbro.

They can scale the model to get a complete view of the area or scale it 1:1. They can change the time of day and place green elements like trees, climbing wall plants, ponds and greenhouses. They can also be inspired by the green and blue data boxes located on different locations in the virtual environment. The green boxes revealing environmental data and the blue revealing citizen knowledge. The data is collected by local citizens from Nørre Stenbro.

While one participant is modifying the VR environment, other participants can view the changes on the physical model of Nørre Stenbro. The changes in the virtual environment is projected directly on the physical model of Nørre Stenbro in real-time. In one corner of the physical model, viewers will be able to see the first-person-view of the person modifying the VR environment. The viewers will also be able to see the data from the nearest databox. Doing a project mapping on a physical model of Nørre Stenbro allows citizens to engage in a dialogue of future initiatives.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 645198